Key Features

Glove Integrity Testing

AGLTS 2 features unique performances and characteristics that make it a cutting-edge system, responding to and anticipating the needs that the pharmaceutical industry will meet in the near future.

Full compliance with the most relevant regulations on the subject: Annex 1, EU Guidelines, GMP, ISO 14644 7 Annex E.5, Gamp5, FDA CFR 21 part 11.

Simple and functional interface

Capacitive 10” color touch display for immediate access to all commands, even when wearing gloves, and optimal visualization of real-time data and reports.


The system can test any type of glove port available on the market, thanks to a customizable adapter.


On-board precision calibration and validation system, with no need for either additional devices or destructive tests performed on the glove.

Glove life cycle management

New feature to provide the operator with a clear and prompt view of all the data and parameters of the gloves, both tested and yet to be tested; and the entire life cycle of the glove itself.


For an easy integration of the system into the customer’s Active Directory Domain.

Other Features


AGLTS 2 offers performances that make it a state-of-the-art glove box test system.


AGLTS 2 has been designed to make the glove test procedure as simple and straightforward as possible.


AGLTS 2 has been designed to offer maximum compatibility with customer networks, without compromising data.

Data Management

AGLTS 2 offers maximum flexibility in data management and archiving, in compliance with 21 CFR Part 11.