Developed by the main landmarks
to go beyond glove testing.

1. The experience gained on a worldwide leading system

AGLTS 2 is the evolution of the previous version of the automatic glove testing system developed by Tema Sinergie, from which it inherits features, know-how and stability.

The development starts from the engineering experience, gained on the hundreds of units presently still active and used in several production sites.

2. The attention to the new needs of the pharmaceutical industry

AGLTS 2 is definitely more than just an upgrade. It was developed with a particular attention to the new needs of the pharmaceutical industry within the scenario designed by Annex 1.

AGLTS 2 also features unique performances and characteristics responding to and anticipating the needs that the phgarmaceutical industry will meet in the near future.  

3. New generation device way beyond glove testing

The outcome is a new generation device way beyond the mere execution of glove testing, or supporting operators and pharmaceutical companies in the management of all glove testing related operations.

All of this in full compliance with the most relevant regulations on the subject: Annex 1, EU Guidelines, GMP, ISO 14644 7 Annex E.5, Gamp5, FDA CFR 21 part 11.    

Developed from the satisfaction of around 200 companies worldwide.

35 5 80 62

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80 Companies in 16 Countries:

Belgium (1), Cyprus (1), France (16), Germany (4), Greece (1), Iceland (1), Ireland (4), Italy (26), Poland (5), Russia (2), Romania (1), Spain (10), Sweden (1), Switzerland (5), UK (1), Ukraine (1)

Middle East & Eurasia

10 Companies in 4 Countries

Emirates (1), Israel (3), Saudi Arabia (2), Turkey (4)


52 Companies in 10 Countries

Bangladesh (1), China (4), Hong Kong (1), India (6), Indonesia (3), Japan (30), Singapore (1), South Korea (3), Taiwan (1), Thailand (2)


35 Companies in 4 Countries:

Canada (2), United States of America (21), Mexico (2), Brasil (10)


5 Companies in 1 Country:

Australia (5)